Rising Trends in Human Resource Management

Rising Trends in Human Resource Management

The field of Human Resource is becoming dynamic day by day. Gone are those days when HR Department was treated as an isolated and aloof one but now it is the pivotal department of any organization. The success or the failure of any organization depends upon the quality of its personnel. HR is about having the right people with the right abilities in the right place at the right time. An effective HR focuses on UER (Unique Employee Retention) practices and Talent Management based in performance & potential.

There are myriads of changes and transformations in the organizations. Below are the rising trends in HR field :-

No more performance reviews

Finally organizations are sensing that they have wasted an enormous amount of time, money and effort on a process that will never work properly. No more sophisticated performance review forms and no more ludicrous performance scales. An effective performance management system should be there that is based on “What went wrong” rather than “Who did wrong”

The organization chart is fading away

This is partly wishful thinking from my side, but there are weak signals that the organization chart is fading away. More and more graduates are recruited mainly looking at the fit between the values of the graduate and the company and less if the graduate fits in a specific starting position. As the flexible workforce is growing, less and less people can be captured in the traditional organization chart. This chart based on strict hierarchy is getting replaced by more flat and modern structures.

Real time succession management

Technology and smart use of HR analytics enables a far more effective succession management. In the past the succession management process was too slow, too late, and too divided. If you need good connectors to implement the strategy of you organization, it is not very helpful to ask senior management : “Who are the good connectors in your business tin it ?”.

The line of sight of the senior management is too limited and it takes too much time to gather the information anyway. You better analyze the data you have and look for certain patterns to detect possible good connectors.

Robots in the boardroom

Robots are not just for manufacturing. The first robot has entered the boardroom and this trend will continue. It can be very helpful to have a member in your team who does not have emotions, who has a very good memory and who can analyze internal & external data very quickly. This will help in HRIS.

Community management as a recruitment tool

Recruitment has to make the shift from reactive to proactive. The practice to create communities around your organization, a kind of ‘fan club’ is growing. The communities are connected to your organization and through the community you can give people a real experience of what it means to be a part of your organization. When opportunities occur, candidates from the communities can very organically become part of your organization. The concept of SAT ( Social Aptitude Test ) is important in this regard wherein the companies observe the social networking profiles of the prospective candidates and form an opinion about their perspective & attitude.  


Mr. Muktak Vyas, Assistant Proff.

School of Business & Management, Jaipur National University )

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