Be the DRIVER of your actions NOT a PASSENGER

Be the DRIVER of your actions NOT a PASSENGER

“Physics is a way of thinking, a way of doing things and a way of learning about this world around us” - Albert Einstein


A Life making mistakes, is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing. Remember that without a goal; your stamina is useless, no matter how you get trained.

Nobody is born an expert but there is a road map to develop expertise; Don’t compare yourself with others, as each one of us is unique in our skills, thinking and actions.


There is a good slogan “Man k hare haar hai, Man Ke Jite Jeet”

So, if we command our self we can win everything, meaning that first you will have to win yourself.


Another saying means that everything impossible can be made possible, if we make an effort.


“A dream does not become a reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination &hard work”


There are three things, which are extremely hard: steel, diamond and to know one’s self. Remove tself limiting thoughts, set your goals and work hard then surely you will become the driver of your action, and need not to be a passenger.


In this journey of life rewards go to those, who meet difficulty face to face, overcome and move on to other challenges. Don’t avoid it, try to embrace it.

“You can further learn to struggle from the waves, because they fall and rise again, fall but never forget to rise”.  Working like a photon you will set the world glow.



Without Light the world would be dark, no warmth to be felt, no heat to melt, no seeds to sow, no food to eat, without it the sky won’t be blue, no colors to see, no rain , no rainbow, no thunderstorm to hear and lightening to scare .


So work hard and make your own personality like a photon so that people can feel your presence as well as the absence.


Aashutosh Tiwari

II Sem , M.Sc. Physics

Life of Basic Sciences , Jaipur National University

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