Career Prospects in Master of Arts : Social Work

Career Prospects in Master of Arts : Social Work

The Master of Arts in Social Work program  aims at social work education and building social work knowledge and practice through a range of ideological stances, research and field engagements.

The core constitutional ethos and values pervade all aspects of learning, knowledge building and interventions. Interwoven with the same are aspects of social justice, rights, development and empowerment of society, also appreciating differences and intersectional ties, created through categorical imperatives of caste, class, gender, ethnicity and faith. The Master of Social Work programme comprises of classroom and field learning components distributed over four semesters. Foundation courses are provided in social sciences with emphasis on perspectives and methods, and advanced courses are related to specific themes and practices. Field learning comprises of field work, rural practice and field study engagements.

Career Prospects

Post-graduate students of Social Work  In Jaipur National University are trained to plan and execute an extensive range of social services:

They can work in Welfare Departments of the Government Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Commercial and Industrial Organizations. They can also become Social Workers and Managers in Banks. A graduate in Social Work can work as Adult Guidance Worker, Career Advisor, Charity Officer, Community Development Worker, Counselor, Volunteer, Coordinator and Youth Worker Exciting job opportunities are available in Food Businesses, Agri-business, Insurance Companies and Supply Chains.

And for the field work knowledge we have a page which is update every single day with our student sincerely performing their duties.  

School of Social Sciences

The school offers employment friendly programmes at Master’s and Doctorate levels in Sociology and Social Work.The course contents are so designed to groom the aspirants as Adult Guidance Workers, Career Advisors and Community Development Counselors. With time, various social institutions and the individuals in the society have realized the importance of contributing to the social development and so the role of social science graduates has become important. Understanding this growing need the School of Social Sciences is striving to fulfill the requirement of personnel in different domains.

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