From The Chancellor's Desk

From The Chancellor's Desk

Success in life is a matter of concentration and perseverance. The prime duty of education is to give direction to the youth so as to channelize their creative energies towards productive, purposeful and innovative work. Envisaging the emerging trends in education, JNU aims at holistic development of students, maintaining its scholarly ethos by honing and empowering the skills with desired level of competence and character.

Jaipur National University has pioneered efforts to facilitate intellectual stimulation to generate, maintain and disseminate knowledge and to empower the students to meet the challenges of a collaborative and competitive globalized environment. Synergizing excellence through world class ambience among the young aspirants, JNU institutes a culture of inclusiveness and provides a wide access to higher education opportunities. The university has initiated trends which impact global educational policies and practices.

Jaipur National University offers innovative programmes in diverse disciplines addressing the emerging needs of the society. We not only aim at achieving excellence in post graduate and under graduate teaching and learning but also insist on providing high quality research leading to creation and dissemination of knowledge. Facilitated with conducive, high-tech infrastructure and excellent academic support services around the vibrant and sprawling campus, JNU has gained wide international exposure and recognition and has become home to thousands of students, including students from Nigeria, Sudan, Nepal, Malaysia, and Bhutan. The unprecedented placements of students in top notch companies is yet another milestone achieved by the university catering to the students as well as the society.

Extra curricular activities are emphasized in such a way that the students are engaged at various levels on campus, joining clubs and organizations, in community service programmes as well as attending cultural and educational events, thereby, enriching their worldview and perspectives. The spectacular mega annual event, “Technorazz” provides students with opportunities to stage their boundless talents and promotes a sense of solidarity and respect in the midst of diversity. Regular curriculum-planning, development and execution, timely evaluation of students’ performance and holding convocation every year are some of the notable features of the University. With the gradual development of web based technology, online teaching has evolved as one of the important channels of distance learning. The School of Distance Education proudly caters to more than 15000 students, and new courses are introduced as per the emerging requirement.

The University is already in the process of noble field of Medical-Education. The rewards of JNU degree are numerous and long lasting- from job satisfaction to a better understanding of the world. We aim at making our students experienced in critical thought, appreciative of creative expression, proficient in effective communication, aware of ethical standards and rooted in universal and humanistic values. We work to turn what you love into a rewarding career –to turn your passion into a profession.

I welcome the new students with great pride and delight to "Jaipur National University" to find the wealth of learning opportunities in the hub of excellence. I wish you the best in life!


- Dr. Sandeep Bakshi ( Chancellor, Jaipur National University )


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