How to influence others in First Year of Your College Life

Congratulation ! You would have just completed your high school education and have taken the admission in one of the Best College/University in the course of your interest for higher education. Now its time to step up into the first year of the college. Its time to enter into your adulthood from the childhood. Its time to seek advice from elders, but take the decisions on your own, Its time to enjoy the lifestyle, while focusing on your career goals. Yes, its time for the change & freedom, and that’s the college life. 

Wear the Dress that Express 
Research & observe the latest trends in fashion weather in college campus or during a hangout wearing casuals and make sure you wear the dress you are comfortable with. Be Professional as much as you can. Realization to the fact that you are an adult now is very much important. Just because you don’t work for eight hours a day doesn’t mean you shoudn’t act like. Cleanliness brings happiness & positiveness. Always try to wear the clothes after proper washing & ironing or dry-cleaning for a confident look.

Meet & Greet with Smile
Having a strong & interactive network in the college is as important as passing the examination that too with the good marks. Meet your colleagues which further tends to be your friends. Interact with your seniors, teachers & the staff members and know all about them especially their field of expertise. Asking for help when required is an art; Ask at the right time from the right person. Always keep a smile, a real one, not the fake one, on your face to make others feel comfortable during the interaction & discussion. 

Be an Opportunity Seeker & Achiever 
The optimist says the “Glass of Water is Half Filled” , The pessimist says “Glass is half Empty” , but an Opportunity seeker Go ahead and drink the water from that glass. Keep looking for the opportunities to excel yourself . Take the responsibilities for the opportunities. If you can’t find any, just create one.   

Challenge the Challenges & Changes 
Since you are experiencing a totally new phase of life, you might face some or many challenges in everyday life and in your actions. Be adaptable to the change and face them without the fears in your mind & heart. Go with the flow or against it as & when required.

Be a Helpmate, rather than just being a classmate
Have a strong & positive relationship with your classmates beyond the walls of your classrooms as well. Always make yourself available for your friends when you are asked for your help. It is scientifically proven, what goes, comes back. Do good to others, and Goodness will follow you back.

Utilize Your Vacation to master your passion 
During this time, you are filled with the intense ray of positive energy & enthusiasm. You would have developed a passion for a particular task till now.If not, this is the best time when you can explore the know your passion & polish your skills or the sport you love. 

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