Mantra Yoga

Mantra Yoga

The word ‘Mantra’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘man’ and ‘tra’ meaning mind and to meditate upon. It is a tool which helps the mind to a state of tranquility.

A mantra is a sound unit and a thought unit. It is a sound or series of sound to be given to yoga student or a disciple to remember constantly for a specific spiritual purpose. In the web our consciousness, the energy of consciousness takes two form, sound and light. At the beginning, both of these form of sounds and light are experienced separately so initiation begins with the sound of mantra. The initiation into light comes later. Initially there are two aspects of a mantra, one is sound that has a particular effect on the mind, especially if it is repeated and the second is its meaning.

Each mantra produces certain thoughts and vibrations. Mantra is also an energy force. The entire universe is run by ‘Conscious Forces’ which can be deities, incarnation or manifestations of God. The mantras are representatives of specific form of consciousness. There are tradition in which name of Gods are considered God himself.

These mantras transform altitudes, making it more refined, gentler and quieter. Mantras are pacifying as well as energizing. There are many types of mantras, but the most popular ones are Pranva or Om, Gayatri mantra, Om Namah Shivaya, and other Bija mantras. Mantras should be used with care, in accordance with the nature of a person. They can be very healing too. For the students, it can enhance their concentration, memory and well being.



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