Preparing for Your First Year of Graduation

The Journey from High School to Admission in Best College or University

In addition to the four major seasons, a fifth season is always in trend ‘The Admission Season’ between the summer & the monsoon. This season is the time with mixed emotions of excitement & nervousness both for a student & for the parents. You could be looking for the admissions or might have already taken the admission in B.Tech, MCA, MBA, M.Tech or any other course of your interest in Top & Best University of Jaipur/Rajasthan or of India.

You might be experiencing a feeling of freedom from the school life & the eagerness to have you own style statement in college is running out of your nerves each moment you think about it. You might be thinking of an expanded friend circle, party life, hangouts and much more. You are going to enter a new stage of your career that will be your first step towards an independent life.  

Following these points, one, two or all, will definitely prove to be beneficial & essential in preparing yourself for the first year of college, just after the completion of your high school for higher education and make it a memorable one.  

Be Productive

‘Being Busy doing nothing’ is a general term one student can feel if he/she spends an entire hour, day, month or a year without any productive results. It is very essential to manage the time and prioritize the tasks accordingly to get efficient results. In most of the cases, If you will plan to do everything simultaneously, you will end up doing nothing perfectly.  Proper Investment of Time is to be more carefully done than the investment of money.  

Be Proactive

Being Proactive simply means ‘taking initiatives & be the solution towards the problem, not the problem to the solution’. For this you have to gather all the resources & the knowledge, before the time you actually feel their requirement, weather in form of human Resource or any materialistic resource.  You will need to learn new skills, polish your pre developed skills, and be resourceful as and when required.

Be Social

Being social doesn’t mean to have active profiles on social media only. It means to have a vast friend circle in your real life to hangout with, get into the orientation programs & participate actively in the co-circular activities in your college.  Meet & greet your professors & seniors along with your colleagues.

Be Calculative

Now you will have your own bank account and will manage each penny. You will also be liable to enjoy financial benefits at different outlets in form of special discounts for college students. Start keeping a track of all your expenses and requirement in written form to analyze the money requirement. Click to read more about managing the money in effective way ; Money Management 101 for Students 

Be Ambitious

Drive all your energy towards proactive learning & utilizing your skills to reach more closer towards your goals. Enhance your subject skills  with soft skills as well.  Before you arrive / start your college, inquire and gather the information about the university, the faculties, the campus and the surrounding area, even your roommates, in case you will be living in a shared room. Get the academic session calendar of your course through the university website or the administration and get the sources to have books & other required materials on time.  

Be Adaptable

You should be able to adjust to new conditions, especially if your are relocating to the different city. Deal with the methods to overcome homesickness by engaging yourself in creative task and doing the things that you love to. Practice your hobbies regularly in the free time or make a fix time in a day or a week to do so.

In a quick summary, let us recall all the important points.

  1. Be Productive :-  Learn To Manage the Time
  2. Be Proactive   :-  Generate Resources & Be Resourceful
  3. Be Social         :-  Get Involved  
  4. Be Calculative :- Learn to Manage the Money
  5. Be Ambitious  :-  Be Passionate To Learn
  6. Be Adaptable : - Overcome Homesickness


Start packing up your bags & belonging, Get ready to enter the new phase of your life with great enthusiasm and zeal.  

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