Role of Extra Co Circular Activities with our Academics

Role of Extra Co Circular Activities with our Academics

Academic knowledge & score is of utmost importance in an individual’s career. There is no second thought when we consider academic as a top most priority. Besides the academic learning, participating in co curricular activities also play a significant role in a student’s life. With the passage of time the thought process of parents has also been changed from ‘Study More & Play Less’ to 'Study Hard & Play Harder’. 

It feels great pleasure when parents encourage their children to actively participate in the sports & other Co-curricular activities with passion and dedication. It is a proven fact that actively participating in such activities enhances all round development & helps in exponential growth of the students.  Extra Co- curricular activities including Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Tech & Fashion Fests, Concerts, Marathons, Social Activities enables the students for endless benefits. Some of which are listed below:-

  1. Time Management and Punctuality Punctuality is the key. Being punctual is one of most important habit noticed among the leaders which can easily be attained through Sports.
  2. Discipline and Risk Taking Capabilities  Participating in sports inspires the student to cultivate their risk taking & effective decision making capabilities.
  3. Contribution and Commitments In any workplace, for an individual it is an essential skill to be a team player & a leader as and when required. Co- curricular activities aspire the students to contribute their time & skills and fulfill all their commitments as a leader or a team player.
  4. Socializing and Building Strong Relationships Getting involved in social activities for empowerment of the society and surroundings provides an outwork exposure that also builds strong relationships with the people from diversified streams.
  5. Passion and Dedication Following your passion with complete energy & dedication is the success mantra for a successful career. Playing for a goal with the winning attitude is also one of the top qualities noticed among the leaders.
  6. Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind ‘All work and no play, make Jack, a dull Boy’. A healthy body is a prerequisite for a healthy mind. Sports increases stamina leading to increase in productivity of the work and makes everyone mentally & physically fit.

Knowing the Limits: How much is too much?

The perfect answer lies in the benefits from curricular activities, i.e. Managing & Prioritizing the tasks. The extra sugar is injurious to health. These should not be done on the cost of academics. One should understand the individual importance of sports & academics that goes hand in hand always. 

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