Want To Become An Engineer? Tips to choose the right branch of engineering in the Top University.

Want To Become An Engineer? Tips to choose the right branch of engineering in the Top University.

Er. is the salutation every fourth person in this world wants, especially in developing countries like India. Any ‘why not so’? Being recognized & called as an engineer,  adds up to the dignity & self respect of the individual having an Engineering Degree,  that too from the best university;  that is not only top among the universities of Rajasthan but also stand in the list of Top University of India.  

Generally, the students are suggested to choose their career options based on their previous scorecard. If a student is good in academics he would be suggested to choose science followed by the engineering courses, if a student is an average in academics then he would be suggested to opt for commerce as a stream, and arts for the rest of candidates. But this categorization doesn’t fit long now.

 A famous author have quoted “I CAN is 100 times more important than IQ” i.e. If you have a passion to achieve & learn something, you can pursue it, not immediately but definitely.   If you love to study about the growing technology and aspire to join the community of highest paid employees, then yes, engineering is the best option for you.

Engineers have their potential existence in each and every sector. The major sectors include Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Biotechnology, & Food Engineering. Choosing a right branch is considered a complicated task, but neither it is, not it should be considered.  

Below are the few tips to get the solution for the prominent question “How to choose the right engineering branch?”

Follow Your Heart & Carry Your Brain With You

Yeah ! You just read it right. Before listening to anybody, listen to yourself. Explore your interest from your daily routine. Are you an electronic-tech geek or love to innovate & repair your household electrical appliances? Do you love coding or you wish to design mechanical machines? Or you have a wish to build long lasting building or do you love to discover chemical reactions? Is food beyond just filling up your empty stomach or you wanted to learn about technology related to biological system?

Identify & perceive the area of your interest and then proceed further in selection of your branch for engineering

Choosing the University

Studying a branch of engineering with good University with qualified & experienced team of faculty members has its own importance. Choose the Top University in Rajasthan, or the Top University in India for your higher education.  It will play a vital role in shaping up your career. Read here the 3 main reasons to choose University Education as a priority over Affiliated College Education.

Dive deep into the details of the syllabus

Your interest in Computer games doesn’t assure your interest in Computer Science Engineering. You need to go through the overview of the syllabus of the branch you will be opting for

Plan for Next 40 Years, not Just for 4 Years

Be the jack of all trades, and the master of One. Get the complete details about the Master in your specialization followed by the research programs. Have a crystal clear approach towards your dream and the actions you will have to take to accomplish them. Have deep discussions with the likeminded people, the experts, seniors and friends who are already working in your field of interest. This will help you to visualize yourself as a successful engineer after the completion of your four year B.Tech course.

At last, never set the scope of branch as a priority parameter while taking the decision, because there is a scope of an exponential growth in every field. The world is changing and a challenging approach has to be adopted in order to succeed. We will be regularly sharing the information about the careers and the jobs in different field of study. Click here to know more about the B.Tech courses offered in Jaipur National University, listed in Top University of Rajasthan. 

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