Going to English medium school-An indicator of westernization?

Going to English medium school-An indicator of westernization?

Learning without thought is a labor lost ; thought without learning is perilous realizing the importance of learning parents send their ward to best possible schools to attain education. English medium schools are gaining much popularity in India. Interestingly, a few people believe that English medium school are promoting westernization which is surely a sardonically irony for me. English has become a universal language and its knowledge is must if people want to compete in international level. Indians who are known for their hard work dedication and their experience, need to showcase their skill and potential at international level and thus require an important tool that is English language.
English school do not allow students to imbibe all the aspects of western culture but as every coin has two sides, in the

way western culture has many aspects which can help us to be a super power. On the flipper side, the way of living has been gravely enhanced by western culture, which is good for growth of country. if teaches us to be independent and moreover, western counties are our biggest and strongest competitor and those who wrestles with us, strengthen our moves and sharpens our skills , our opponent is our helper as when it is getting rough and tough we realize and discover how strong we really are. So, western culture can even teach us many things which are positive an English school helps its students to imbibe these good aspects, as it bridges the difference for language.
Life is series of awakening is better to be saved by criticism than to be required by precise. Our culture cannot be snatched away from us, the charms of Indian culture attracts everyone, due to

ethic charm peaceful co-existence of people, spiritual belief resulting in peace of mind etch. But we must never restrict yourself. Our vision should be broader and we must try to grasp positive aspects of every culture.
New blooms must carry Indian culture forward but they must keep upgrading themselves. Effective communication is a must to achieve success in to represent India, and they must have the knowledge of English provided by English schools and are not suppressing Indian culture, rather they are helping 
in progress of our nation.

Aditi Verma



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