Love Lines

Love Lines

Somehow when it rained, I smell you
The fragrance of the soil being wet
Reminds me the days of that view
Your long hairs above my head

Somewhere we've being misunderstood
For being closer than friend others
And evil eye hit us hidden within hood
Making me fall for your each feathers

Fell so deep for you and didn't knew
And when I knew, I realised what I deserve
Still I made me let you know the new
Emotion born inside the lively nerve

It wasn't you I fell in love with in first sight
Love at first sight depends on physique
I fell for you knowing you bit by bit light
Telling you I made the hugest mistake

First time now I wrote on my emotion
On the love I felt for you, I do believe
My words reveal the pain of attraction
That couldn't be so easily relieve

People and the things to you related
Trying hard to make them avoid
But in advance, now and still belated
You in me remain solid steroid

What in me ever is being lacked
Maybe curable or maybe not
Possibly all dreams will be sacked
My lines on love for you firstly wrote

For the same I portray my gratitude
To make me learn what shine ain't no gold
You look so cute and still act so rude
I'll never mind for my skin's so hardly fold

Words are less if I keep going on
Depth unknown you keep falling down
Better I stop or will I lose my yawn
No water, but in air I will deeply drown

Hemant Panwar
BJMC(1st Year)

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