My Life A Full Life

My Life A Full Life

Finally I am what I should have been


Finally the time has come,
My life has some clarity.
Many a people came,
Many in the spirits of amity.

But I tried,
Being selfless in my role.
All I ever wanted was
To live up to all!

Was this my mistake?

Never had I ever thought
That the sands of time would bring me here.
In a fix!
Am I a liar?
False to myself?

My life, an open arena.
Some came to stay,
Some to massacre my way
And a very few
Who were meant to be someday.

Thus here I stand,
Torn between the reality
And the impossibility,
Because disdain equals hopes lost
And hopes are all I have to live with,
All I am left with.

Sangeet Basu Biswas
BJMC(1st Year)

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