The Diary Of A Girl

The Diary Of A Girl


It’s very common in teenage, when you fall in love, maybe its just attraction which we call love. Same happened with the girl named Ellie. She goes like…

Dear diary,

1st Feb, 1998

      At some point we build walls against certain people, not to keep them out but to keep our heart intact. I became same person from last passed years. Then I found him. I appreciate him more than I can express. His soul is beautiful… his heart brave, kind and true. I’m so very thankful to have met you. His name tastes so good in my lips and my name in his too. It sends shivers all down my body awakening every part of me, until I want to scream with the pleasure of repeating it over and over again. Words are inadequate to describe him, because how can you describe a men who is everything for you in this universe? He is not just innocent or smart; he is not just polite or kind; he is much more… He is reason of my smile; he is beautiful; he is infinity, and sometimes he makes me feel, my heart is the strongest and weakest part of me.

       We randomly come across someone and they are beyond our wildest dreams. Just being around them or making them smile makes you the happiest person alive. May be they are only heavenly kind, but the kind that shine on the planet, the kind that bring light to even darkest of time, the kind that are amazing and trust me he became one for me. My love is given willingly and without conditions. All of me. I’m not perfect, but my love is pure. I made mistakes, sometimes regrets, but loving him will never be regret for me. He is the one whose presence calms my demons, and insecurities. I’ve learned to lean on him when needed and learn to give him strength when he needs it. May be because you can’t expect to take… and take… without giving in return. What I want and need is as important as what he wants and need. I want to be his favorite book that he reads and reread until I’m imprinted in his memories. At first I thought you will always be my dream. I’ve never needed anything as much as I need to get you off my mind and out of my heart. If only I knew where to start but before I could work on it, it became unconditional. If there is much more to life than loving you, I don’t need that more. I just need you rather than wanting you. Your name is silently hidden in every word I choose to write. You are possibilities in my every impossibility, where you became limitless in my limits. “He calls himself ordinary, but how can he be ordinary when he puts starts in my sky! When his touch means a lot to be her, it was a touch to reveal all love for me; it was touch that erases every name from my mind except his…

Waiting for the next day to see him, because every single day in thousand different ways, I fall in love with you again … and again … and again…

BJMC(1st Year)

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