Social Media - To Help Students Learn & Grow !

It is of no surprise or a secret, that every 3 out of 4 students spend most of their time on social media in a day, especially on - Facebook, Instagram , WhatsApp & Youtube. Social Media has an immense impact on the daily lives of students, but still, there are millions of students who lack behind the resource utilization and can gain much more advantage of these resources to increase their knowledge, get better view of the trends in the world, and develop interpersonal skills.

1. Connecting With the Friends 

With the prime focus, Facebook is working for over a decade to set better and simple connectivity with friends and family members. We meet many people during the college years, who will be working distance apart, across the world few years later. Facebook proves to be the best option to stay connected with the friends, even after decades. 

2. Sharing Knowledge, Assignments & Updates

Facebook has lined up multiple features that can be used in the Education Sector, Facebook Group being among the top to share the assignments, useful knowledge base, and regular updates regarding the academic calendar and schedule. WhatsApp on the other hand can be used to share the information through Instant Messaging. A picture is worth a thousand words, Instagram being on the trend for sharing Images it can be used to share the notices and college event posters among the students. 

3. Sharing Moments that will be Memories Later

Student Life is considered as the best part of the Life. Students can always share , not only their personal pictures , but also the images with their friends, faculties and ‘Behind the Scenes’ images during the college events.These moments will be mesmerized years later as the Golden Memories. Students must also be encouraged to showcase their creative task using these platforms.  

4. Connecting with the Professionals

Many of you know you passion and would convert them into your profession few years later. LinkedIn serves as the best platform to connect with the professional. LinkedIn can be used to connect with the person, working for the industries or sector you want to work in. Weather you are planning for a Job Or a Business, LinkedIn will help you to connect with the person in the field and explore their complete profiles and achievements. 

Linkedin is also be used to connect with the Alumni Network which gives a boost and proper guidanceto the fellow students in a school, college or the University. Even the complete details of a well renowned organization can be explore though this portal .

5. Learn Anytime & Anywhere 

Nothing can be better than this ! There are no boundaries to learn. Youtube - The Platform which have made a revolutionary change in education system in the world. Now , its very easy to watch and download the Video Tutorials, Live Classes Recordings, Q&A Sessions anytime and anywhere depending upon your choice. 

6. Reading & Writing Skills

Students having an urge to improve their reading and writing skills can start to write multiple blogs & articles on the topic of their interest and share it among the friends. This will not only help the writer to develop the skills, but will also help to share the information to the masses. Blogspot & Wordpress provides free & easy to use platforms to start with Blogging !