Student Life in Jaipur ‘Live To Learn & Earn With Complete Fun’

Jaipur, most commonly known as Pink City is a largest city & state capital of Rajasthan. It is located just 260 Kilometers away from New Delhi, the Capital of India. Every year, thousands of students belonging to diversified creed, interests, cities, states and even from different countries, starts a journey for their bright future in Jaipur. Over the period of time, besides having world class buildings & infrastructure, Jaipur has been immensely growing as a hub for the elementary, primary & higher quality education.  The city inspires the students to learn and earn with great dedication, without any distractions. Living a modern lifestyle and having the fun filled weekend are one of the major reasons to  live in this city.  Let us explore more about the attractions of Jaipur City as a student & as a corporate professional.

  1. Accommodation & Transportation From basic amenities to modern living, Jaipur has studded with everything one needs to live a comfortable life. With homely feel, one can easily setup oneself with the culture & the friendly society here. Reach to any part of the city or the country by the most convenient & affordable means of Road transportation including Several Low Floor Buses, Private Cabs, Autos & Radio Taxi Services. Apart from Road transportation, Jaipur Metro has been started recently that allows more convenient and economic public transport to major part of the city.  Jaipur, being one of the favorite tourist destinations and a gateway of other tourist places in the country; one can travel to & from Jaipur by well facilitated & maintained Roadways, Railways & Airways for National & International Trips.
  2. Learning & Earning With many reputed schools & colleges, Top Universities of Rajasthan are situated in Jaipur offering different courses to opt for that focuses on providing higher education to the students. With the campus placements and other job opportunities, the student can pursue their dream and vision with many national and multinational companies from public & private sectors.
  3. Food that is too Good Wherever you are, whenever you need, whatever might be your taste; several food outlets are open to you with their own specialties to serve. From the big franchise chains, to roadside street food, one can’t stop licking the fingers from the wide variety of food items available every time for the citizen of the city. Not just Healthy, but the food is tasty too.
  4. Hangouts For Shout-Outs Good Time with Crazy Friends gives amazing Memories. With many historic places to visit in and around the city, the city also has dozens of shopping malls, clubs, and discos for fun, leisure, shopping and recreational activities.  
  5. Safety & Security Considered amongst the safest cities in the country, Jaipur is well equipped with new technologies for safety, especially for girls. Dedicated teams of police departments have been employed all round the clock, day and night that ensure to take the best measures to enhance the protection of citizen rights and maintain a highly disciplined society.